A collaboration with Jake Nussbaum and Adam Tinkle, Seven Count came together in 2016 to investigate the experiential, spiritual, and temporal effects of sound. We use intuition and improvisation to create a wide array of projects, including an album (on Risky Forager Records), two gallery exhibitions (Invitation, at Border Patrol in Portland, ME, and Request Line, at BUOY in Kittery, ME), a paired zine and cassette (shown at the New England and Boston Art Book Fairs), live performances, and various hybrid performance/radio events.

Throughout all of these contexts, we strive to make our process transparent and permeable, inviting visitors to engage with and contribute to the work, dissolving the boundaries between artist and audience. We have used strategies for inclusion like deep listening, group meditation, custom cassette making, freeform interviews, sympathetic magic, and sound baths. We guide our visitors through complex soundscapes.

Each project results in an archive of recordings, photos, videos, and objects which offer us further opportunities to reflect on our themes and goals. We remix these interlocking shards of media into new works to emphasize the possibilities of temporal and spatial fissure and suture. Shot 2017-05-02 at 12_31_28 AM.png Count-Background.jpg