Burlington City Arts
9.19.14 - 11.15.14

"Organized by Burlington City Arts, Of Land & Local is a multidisciplinary, state-wide exhibition designed to initiate a dialogue about issues surrounding the Vermont landscape. Opportunities to critically engage with contemporary artwork as it reflects on and exists within the Vermont landscape will offer viewers the chance to contemplate the significance and strength, as well as the vulnerability and fragility of our surroundings."

The Bushes of Bennington and Embodied Realities went up to the BCA Center. The gallery there is organized in a big group show with work by Judy Natal, Katie Loesel, Claire Van Vliet, Olivia Kaufman-Rovira, John Douglas, Jessica Langley and Nancy Winship Milliken. Transposing an installation intended for a specific space (the Bennington Museum) to another one created possibilities for the work to breath, move, get cut down and re-orient.