Internet release

A collaboration with Ben Seretan and Spencer Sheridan. File folder architecture - a web of interconnected media best experienced all at once including a full album, video, a file folder maze (with prize), correspondence about making the project, imagery, etc. Seretan's album was inspired by a summer in Missouri spent playing arcade machines in 100+ degree weather, hummingbirds, among other things. those themes definitely found their way into the download package.

1. What effect should the beauty and grace of the hummingbird have upon every one who beholds him?
2. When does the humming-bird appear in our climate?
3. What friendly office does the humming-bird perform for the flowers which he visits?
4. Describe the movements of the bird as he examines the flowers.
5. What are all visited by him in their turn?
6. What does he meet with everywhere?
7. How is his throat described ? The upper part of his body? His flight?
Harper Bell, Goodloe. Studies in English and American Literature. 1900.

Lucky and Wild is available for download, contact me for details.