The Bronx Museum
10.2009 - 1.2010
Conceived as a response to an international ideas competition, Live Wired is a non-architectural urban plan enacted using audio-visual technology. A connected web of speakers, mics, projectors and cameras creates an open source infrastructure for the thriving community of the Concourse. It is an audio-visual nervous system, using nodes to weave the long, thin boulevard into a tight-knit web of interaction, re- organizing the programs on the concourse into closer proximity to one another. The emphasis is on residents and their use of these systems to reach out to each other, cultivating chance interactions between individuals who might otherwise never meet.

Some of the pieces include the "MTA Skyway", which would project live video feed of the sky onto the ceilings of train platforms, and at night, project images of approaching trains onto the sidewalk, rendering the concrete more permeable, albeit virtually. Similar techniques would be used for broadcasting Yankees' games locally, providing an intercom system between bus stops, and a bodega PA system.

Graphic design collaborator: Henry Ellis

Exhibited as part of Intersections, the Bronx Museum of the Arts, Oct. 2009
Awards: 3rd prize, Grand Concourse beyond 100
Press: The New York Times, Architectural record, The Architect's Newspaper