Thorne Sagendorph Art Gallery, Keene, NH
9.19.2015 - 12.10.2015

Let’s say there’s something in your peripheral vision but you can’t find it exactly. It only appears when you look at something else, and so you have to observe it tangentially. It remains in view but unresolved, augmenting your focus and changing how you look at everything else.

This body of work is like that: meant to be both looked at and to be looked next to. The sculptures at the center of the room may be the focus, but they also serve as content around which themes and qualities of material culture can orbit. They are results of semi-controlled experiments with materials and processes, products that show both intention and serendipity. I’m working out ideas using material means.

These things are both solely themselves and reminiscent of corporate branding, custom automotive accessories, geologic formations, economic data modeling, sports jerseys, cosmic nurseries, gravitational fields, maps of how a thought develops, and on and on. They exhibit tendency and duration. The “nurseries” display humble material beginnings (as do the steel rods supporting the pieces), and the prints flatten the color and shape of the sculptures into a purer media world.

But creating something authoritative isn’t necessarily my goal here. You will see different things in the forms than I do, and maybe see further into the process and then hopefully even further into the thoughts and maybe even (if we’re really lucky) to some core intention to it all. Printing something prescriptive on a piece of paper in the gallery seems like an impossible (and impersonal) task when the ideas have developed both inside and outside of language.