I am full of wonder, so I ask questions. Because my interests are varied, I use techniques and tools from a variety disciplines to probe the structures of existence. I embrace technical skill, intuition, and humor as modes of study, and pursue lessons in visual art, philosophy, architecture, music, mechanical engineering, performance, and cooking, among others. I love working with materials, which forms a core component of my process, even while dealing with theories and schemes.

I want to make work that strains against and interprets the present moment, creates its own ecology, and produces meaningful experiences for a viewer. I focus on themes that span categories, like the notion of "time" - it's construction, perception and slippages. With all of them, I try to describe and subvert our world of insistent consumption and futurity, one whose projected reality shifts around each big new moment - the archive of all tenses at once.

As a quest for knowledge, the work often functions like research and results in answers but if truly successful sends back a deeper question to spur a new investigation.