I ask questions about existence, and use art to investigate. My interests are varied, so I use techniques and workflows from a variety disciplines including visual art, writing, music, history, theater, philosophy, architecture and, sometimes, the occult. I embrace both skill and intuition, and consider myself a technician and an amateur, depending on the task. Direct interaction with material is a core component of my process, so my work relates to the physical world, even when dealing with highly theoretical topics.

I focus on themes that span categories, and the notion of "time" - it's construction, perception and slippages - has been a common thread in many of my projects. With all of them, I try to describe and subvert our world of insistent consumption and futurity, one whose projected reality shifts around each big new moment - the archive of all tenses at once. I want to make work that strains against and interprets the present moment, and creates its own ecology, and meaningful experiences for the viewer.

As a quest for knowledge, the work often functions like research and results in answers but if truly successful sends back a deeper question to spur a new investigation. Currently: Could deja vu be an intuitive sense of multi-dimensional folds in spacetime? If so, could that sense be cultivated?